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Dating for singles over 50 | Rhode Island

We are pleased to introduce you to our dating site, exclusively for singles over 50! We recognize that finding a compatible partner in Rhode Island can become a issue as we grow older. We've put together a community for you to meet like-minded people seeking a meaningful relationship.

Over50SinglesMeet is created to meet the needs of older singles looking for companionship, romance or even a second chance to romance. With an easy-to-use interface as well as sophisticated algorithms for matching making it easy to find a partner who has the same interests as you and values.

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Discover single men & women over 50 in Rhode Island

Whether you're newly single or have been on your alone for some time We provide a safe and supportive environment to start exploring new relationships. Our members are genuine, mature individuals who are also looking for an intimate connection.

Here are just some of the reasons Over50SinglesMeet is the ideal option for singles over 50 years old

As an active member, you'll get access to many features designed to enhance your dating experience. Our advanced search options let you to filter potential matches by location, interests and much more. You can also connect with other members via our messaging system, as well as get acquainted with one the other before you decide to meet in person.

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Find Single Over 50 in Rhode Island

A Safe and Secure Dating Site

Our team is committed to making sure that our platform is safe and easy to use. We take your privacy as users seriously and have put in place various security measures to safeguard your personal information. Our customer support team is always on hand to assist you with any queries or concerns that you may have.

Over50SinglesMeet is designed to be user-friendly, even for people who might not be familiar with dating on the internet. We provide a variety of information and tips to guide you through the maze of dating online and make the most of your time.

Join us today to become part of our community.

Begin your journey to find a meaningful love affair in Rhode Island. With our help, you could just meet that one person that brings joy and joy into your lives.

Our website isn't just focused on finding love. We also recognize that as we age we might need friendship and help from those who are able to understand our challenges. Our community is a place that allows you to make new people, make connections with like-minded people, and share your thoughts and emotions with those who understand.

We believe that love and companionship aren't limited by age. This dating platform is an open community that is open to everyone, regardless of race, gender or religion or sexual orientation. We believe that everyone has the right to find happiness and fulfillment in their relationships and we're here for you to in achieving that goal.

Signing up to our dating site is easy and completely free. Just create an account, add photos, and then begin browsing our community of like-minded singles. You never know who you might be able to meet, and what kind of relationship you might meet within Rhode Island.

Don't let age hinder your ability to find love and companionship. Join our singles community over 50 today and begin your journey to finding a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

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Find Single Over 50 in Rhode Island, RI

Date Ideas in Rhode Island

There are plenty of fun things to do in Rhode Island. These ideas range from activities to do in the city to activities in the surrounding areas. From the WaterFire in Newport to the Botanical Center in Providence, there is bound to be something for everyone in your group.

Cafe Nuovo

If you are looking for a nice restaurant with a great ambiance and an original menu, Cafe Nuovo in Providence, Rhode Island is a good choice. They offer a wide range of dishes, including seafood and pasta, as well as an elegant patio with a fireplace.

Luckily, they also have a fantastic dessert menu. I loved a pot that was filled with mousse, served in an edible chocolate container, as was an apple cake with caramel. The ice cream they make is also available, which was among the best in the area.

Cafe Nuovo is a fine dining establishment located on the Providence Riverwalk, which has a beautiful view. It is a gorgeous patio in a garden setting with an open fireplace.

Dave and Busters

Dave and Busters is a fantastic spot to spend a romantic evening. The experience includes a dinner theater as well as an IMAX movie as well as a simulated golf course, and arcade games. There are 16 screens showing a variety of movies.

Dave and Busters is open to adults over 21, but it's also a great spot for teenagers. Adults must have a valid ID card. They are allowed to bring up to six minors. They must have a parent or someone who is at least 25 years of age.

Dave and Busters is located in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is a great place to live for college students. It is also located close to Boston, Newport, and other major cities. It's just a brief train ride away from both.

Roger Williams Park Botanical Center

One of the most well-known attractions in Providence, Rhode Island is the Botanical Center at Roger Williams Park. The center is home to both outdoor and indoor gardens, greenhouses, and an impressive waterfall. It is also the largest public indoor display garden in New England. There are over 12,000 square feet of landscape inside.

In the Roger Williams Park, the Botanical Center provides a wide range of occasions. It is a fantastic location for weddings or other special events.

If you're seeking a fun date idea or a romantic getaway or just a few fun activities for your family, there's something to please everyone.


For entertainment and education For entertainment and education, the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium is your best option. You'll find an array of interactive exhibits, a snazzy new IMAX movie theater , as well as the most stunning hillside landscape. There's also a cafe that is well-stocked for those looking to have a bite. Alternatively, you might wish to engage the services of an experienced local tour guide to take you to the most popular sights.

The stunning architecture of Providence is a wonderful way to enjoy an evening with your loved ones that's not too expensive. The city's most famous landmarks include the state capital and the well-known Roger Williams House.


If you're looking for a fun date idea bowling is a great option. Although it may seem like an old fashion pastime but there are plenty of locations in the state where you can improve your game to the next level.

There are a variety of charming bowling alleys that open to the elements, as well as others that feature glow-in-the-dark lane markers. Lang's Bowlarama has a few of both. It is crucial to remember that bowling is supposed to be fun.

Redwood Library and Athenaeum

One of the first neoclassical structures in the United States, the Redwood Library and Atheneum is more than an opportunity to pick up a book. The historical institution hosts entertaining programs and exhibits, aswell offering a variety educational opportunities to its members.

The Redwood Library & Atheneum, the oldest lending library that is continuously operating in the country is also a cultural center. The library is open to all and was designated a National Historic Landmark. In fact guided tours are available every day from 2 pm.


WaterFire is a celebration that lasts all night of music and fire in Providence, Rhode Island. The festival takes place on three rivers in downtown Providence. It is free and open for all.

This arts and entertainment spectacle takes place on one or two Saturdays or Sundays each month from May to November. People flock to the nights. Some come for the music, some to enjoy the street performers, and still others to enjoy the festival atmosphere.

A lot of local restaurants offer special deals for guests. Restaurants can offer discounts and free appetizers, as well as a dessert or drink for an initial purchase.

Meet singles over 50 in Rhode Island